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Material: Bronze und Eisen

Größe: 87x35x33 cm


Erläuterung der Künstler:
The concept of „Life on its Path / La Vita in Corso“ is basically based on Freud. He would say that „[The] principal task of civilization, its actual raison d’être, is to defend us against nature“. This little quote speaks loud and touches so many essential parts of our existences all at once. The bulls on the sculpture come to represent nature, but this „nature“ is not only the the nature that’s external to us – and frightening enough with its relentless power that makes us feel so tiny and helpless (even if in the surface we pretend or „believe“ we are not that). They represent our own nature, our aggressiveness, anxieties, and all the internal disturbances that bring so many turmoils to our social lives and to our relationship with our own bodies. On the other hand, the bulls are also just the animals themselves, hurt by the forces of nature (including us, human beings). That’s a pretty obvious part of the piece: all of the characters are either hurt or about to be run over and seriously injured. In that sense, the central character – called „the laughing man“ by me and Fernando – plays a very important role. He is ignoring his helplessness, unaware of what is on his way. The bulls are hurt, the other men there are hurt; he is the next one. There’s no way out, and that draws us back to Freud: at its best, civilization only partially succeeds in its „principal task“.

Thiago Sarkis

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Gewicht 40 kg
Größe 96 x 43 x 50 cm